My Four Favorite Superheroes

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So right now I'm extremely busy. And what do I do when I'm extremely busy? I indulge in some escapism. Okay, actually I freak out, stress, work my ass off, cry because I'm exhausted, THEN go for the escapism. Now I'm currently right in the middle of one of the most busiest periods of my college life, so I'm doing the escapism thing. Usually I'd read a book, but my brain can't handle that many letters on a page anymore, so I go for something just as great: comic books.
My dad has always had a thing for comic books, but it wasn't until he gave me all his old comics. Then I realized that I freaking loved the combination of art and storytelling. Okay, the rise of superhero movies had something to do with it as well, but now I'm in a situation where I can't shut up about my favorite heroes anymore. And what do I do when I can't shut up about something? Right, I tell about it on my blog. So please let me introduce you to my five favorite superheroes!

The only DC hero on this list is my first superhero love: Batman. I started obsessing over him when I was fourteen. I didn't have any real reason to like Batman at the time. It was more of an inside joke with the guy who liked me. Later on I discovered that my love for Batman is pure genetics: my dad used to collect Batman comics when he was a kid. He gave them all to me when I was 18. Within a few days I'd read them all.
I still can't explain why I like Batman so much. I guess I like how he doesn't have any superpowers and still kicks ass. He's awesome. I shouldn't have to explain why. He's Batman, that's reason enough.

Iron Man
When I was a kid, I thought Iron Man was just another lame Transformer. He seemed boring to me. Actually I didn't even know his name until the first movie was released. That didn't change my opinion on him though. If you're a man in an iron suit, calling yourself Iron Man is not exactly creative. But then I saw the movie and it completely blew my mind. I fell in love with Iron Man. I liked his sense of humor, I liked the way he looked, I love his backstory - and just like the Batman I love so much, he kicks some serious ass without having any actual superpowers.
Iron Man turned me into a Marvel fan. He was my favorite Avenger for a while, but I'll get back to that later on. For now it's just important that Iron Man opened the door to the Marvel fandom for me.

Then Deadpool came along. I'd been kind of living under a rock when he became popular in the mainstream, because everyone knew about the movie except me. I decided to fix that problem by reading up on the character. When one of my classes was unexpectedly cancelled, I went to the local comic book store and even though I was looking for something slightly different, I left the place with a Deadpool comic book. It was the first comic book I bought without being ashamed of my geekiness. I read it in one go and when I finished reading I'd decided I liked this guy. He's random and a bit of an ass - just how I like it.

Captain America
If you know me, it won't be a surprise to you that Captain America is my absolute favorite superhero. I even did a Cap cosplay for Dutch Comic Con. I know that a lot of people think he's my favorite because of Chris Evans' abs (though those did help Cap's case), but there's much more to it. You see, when I was 15 years old my dad wanted to watch a series of documentaries with me. One of them was all about Captain America. At that time I thought he must be the lamest superhero ever, but then I learnt about his origins. I got to know the character. I fell in love. I love the idea behind this character and the values he stands for. Cap is that guy you can trust completely, who will always do what's best not just for him, but also for everyone around him. Maybe I like that because I want a guy like that in my life. Maybe it's actually Chris Evans' abs after all. I guess you'll never know for sure ;)

So these are my four favorites and as you can probably tell by the pictures in this post, I'm obsessed with their merchandise. I'm pretty proud of being a fan of these superheroes actually. Which ones are your favorites?

Stay Awesome!

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  1. My first superhero was Spiderman so he's definitely my favorite! I think Batman would come next too because he was also from my childhood and I like superheroes who aren't really "super".
    From what I've recently started watching though, I LOVE Daredevil. He's also not very "super" and he's also running his normal life as a lawyer along which I really like. I like the concept of Arrow but I feel like he's just an obnoxious rich kid xD although I do love bows and arrows :D

    1. Haha, Spiderman will be part of one of my next posts. That's all I'm saying about it but you'll be surprised when you read it :P
      I haven't seen Daredevil but I do have a Daredevil action figure, hahaha. I have way too many action figures actually... I don't know much about Arrow either, but I think I'd prefer Daredevil if he seems like an obnoxious rich kid to you :P

  2. I love both Iron Man and Deadpool! I don't think you could ask for a better deadpool than Ryan Reynolds either! I'm a bit iffy when it comes to captain America though, I do like him because I like all of the marvel characters but I probably like him the least out of all of them.

    Abbie |


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