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When I was a bratty little 9th grader I thought I didn't have to pay attention to anything that was said in English class. I'd just returned from five weeks in the US, I spoke English with a perfect Californian accent, I knew all the words in our book, why did I even have to be there?
This was probably the only time in my life when I was arrogant, but I passed every test with flying colors without ever paying attention. In fact I don't remember anything I learned in 9th grade, except for one thing: "to be at a crossroads". That's where my ego took a beating, because I thought it was meant to be literal. When I learned its actual meaning, I fell in love with the expression. I couldn't wait till I arrived at a big crossroads in life, just so I could the only thing I learned in 9th grade English class.

I waited for a while. I thought there'd be a crossroads ahead. Especially as graduation came closer and closer. Yet nothing happened. Yes, everything changed, but in a way it all stayed the same: I had some close friends spread around the world, I was in school/college and was a mediocre athlete. I didn't arrive at any crossroads. My road just went straight ahead and even though it was different from the roads of the people around me, mine seemed to take me straight to wherever I was supposed to be. No surprises, no diversions, no crossroads. Until now. Now my world is spinning out of control. That crossroads I'd been looking forward to for years? It's right behind me. And I didn't even get the chance to decide which road to take.

If I'd know I'd finally arrive at a crossroads this year, I would have bought a map. Asked directions. Find a travel companion. Now I'm on an unknown road, with opportunity everywhere. I don't mind being on this road. It has it advantages. But there's one thing it lacks: time for me to blog...
When I came close to my big crossroads, I also started my junior year of college. I was swept onto this road by a tsunami of homework and sweet messages. I work my ass of seven days a week and still don't have enough time to finish all my work. I use all my free time (which is a minute here and half an hour there) to keep in touch with my friends and see my family, but it's not enough. Still I wouldn't want it any other way. I finally get paid for my work at internship. My parents and I are very close now. My friends and I really make time for each other. On top of all that, I met the best guy ever. Maybe I didn't get to choose this path when I arrived at my crossroads, but I can't complain about where it's taking me. I'm the happiest I've been in years. I'm the busiest I've been in years. I'm also the worst blogger I've been in years, but I promise I won't disappear for weeks again. I'm here to stay, on this path and in the blogosphere :)

Stay Awesome!

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  1. I'm glad your crossroads doesn't seem to be a bad one. I feel like I'm at somewhat of a crossroads in my life, being in my junior year of high school and trying to power through along the track that will get me to a good college and the life I'm looking forward to. I don't think this will be the biggest crossroads in my life, but it's definitely one.

    Don't worry about not blogging too much. I know, personally, that sometimes life pulls you away from the blogging world, but it will always be here waiting when you return.

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

    1. That crossroads from high school to college can be a very big one. I barely noticed it though. It was like it wasn't even there at all.

      I worry about not blogging so much though! I actually feel worse when I don't blog, because there's nothing I can put all my creative energy into. I know the blogging world will always be there, but I want to be part of it too, even when I'm busy :)

  2. Ahhh Envy I'm so unbelievably happy for you! Sometimes the best roads are the ones we didn't plan on taking <3 so so much love

    Anne //

    1. Aww thank you ^-^ I've never been on a road I didn't plan on taking, but so far it's just great :)

  3. Sometimes the roads you never meant to take are the best ones, and I guess that's happened for you! I'm glad you're happy with this one, it's always nice to enjoy the unexpected :)

    I nominated you for the blogger recognition awards btw!! Don't feel pressured, but details are on my blog if you'd like :)


    1. Thanks for the award! I don't think I've ever done a post on that one before :)
      I'm still enjoying this road. It's a little calmer at the moment, but still pretty great :)


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