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Apparently April is A-Z month. I, as the busy college student who's busy binge watchig YouTube videos, was not aware of this fact. But then one all-changing morning, I opened a new tab, went to Twitter and saw Be from Love from Be tweet about her A-Z post, which told us all kinds of awesome stuff about herself. My reputation as a blogger was saved (don't tell anyone that I couldn't keep a straight face while writing that sentence), as I could write one of these posts too. After all, I'm very skilled when it comes to sharing random facts about me, myself and I. Let's get started, shall we?

A is for Athletics
Some kids grow up in a home where baseball or soccer is at the same level as religion. I'm not one of them. In my home, athletics took that place. If my parents had lingered around a little longer, I would have been born on a track in The Hague. I was barely three weeks old when I "cheered" my dad on at a race. At eight years old I became and athlete myself. The sport has become part of my DNA and if anyone so much implies that it's stupid, I get teary-eyed and upset in name of the most beautiful sport on the planet.

B is for Books
When I learnt to read, my mother immidiately gave me a library card. I averaged ten books a week. I devoured stories. Before I started this blog, I tried my hand at book blogging. I was too busy fangirling to write any good reviews though. Right now, I'm pretty sure books are the love of my life.

C is for California
While I'm a Dutch girl who loves being Dutch (the thing is, it's pretty awesome), I am also very proud of the American part of me. I spent almost all my childhood summers in a place called Novato, just a few miles north of San Francisco. This is the place where I learnt English, this is where I became me, thanks to the most wonderful friends I could ever wish for.

D is for Dreaming
I don't mean the thing you do when you're asleep. Most of the dreams I have at night are not the kind of dreams that would make you happy. No, I'm talking about day dreams, dreams that you want to come true. My head is filled with big dreams and I'll never stop chasing them.

E is for Envy
'Envy', a word that's usually not associated with the best of emotions, is the name I chose for myself when I started blogging. It's a pen name, but one that fits me like a glove. Not because I envy people all the time, but because it sounds bad ass and it gives me the feeling of empowerment that I need to keep chasing my dreams. I'm starting to like it better than my actual name, but that's mostly because no one pronounces my real name correctly...

F is for Fandom
Okay, I might have made fun of fandoms in the past. I might have said their rules are too strict. And yes, I called fandoms a curse. But the truth is this: as long as you find your own place in the vast world of fandoms, they're great. I'm nineteen now and proud to say I'm a Potterhead. Fandoms are the best.

G is for German
No, I'm not German. Being Dutch is a completely different thing. I study the German language though, so I can become a high school teacher. It's my third language and even though some think the language sounds 'evil' (believe me, if Hitler had spoken French, that language would've sounded evil) I like how it sounds and I love how Germans can stick four words together and say: 'Look, we have a new word!'

H is for Hello
Lots of people have called me anti-social in my life. I admit that I'm not the best at starting a conversation, but still 'hello' is one of my favorite words. Most friendships start with that one simple word. I hope to hear it from a lot of my future friends and I'm trying my best to say it more often to new people too.

I is for Illustrating
I used to think I could become a famous artist. That was before I decided I sucked at art, which happened shortly after my art teacher decided I sucked at art. 
Now, years later, I've found myself doodling little turtles on vacuum cleaners and chibi versions of myself in cosplay outfits. I'm even thinking about writing and illustrating a children's book. 

J is for January and July
My two favorite months are January and July. July because it's my birthday month and I get to travel, January because it's often the coldest of them all. Cold January days make me feel alive like nothing else does.

K is for Kan't spell
I speak quite a few languages and when you do that, you face some problems. For example: how do you spell the word 'apartment'? In German it seems to change every time I open my dictionary, in Dutch there's a double P situation and did I just spell it wrong in English? Spelling is not my thing anymore...

L is for Later
My best friend would tell you he's the Champion of Procrastination, but on a good day I could beat him. I always tell myself I'll do something later. I'll write that blog post later. I'll take that picture later. I'll send that e-mail later. By the time I finally do it, I'm usually too late.
But there's also an other aspect to my Later Philosophy: Later I'll go to Cuba. Later I'll get to visit Karachi. Later, when I have a job, I can travel. 
Later is the word that teams up with my dreams - or my procrastinating...

M is for Multilingual
Dutch is my first language. English my second (but most used). The German comes in third and since April 10th I am also a certified speaker of the Spanish language. I was born with a desire for words, doesn't matter from which language. I collect them like some people collect rocks or shells. I'm multilingual and proud.

N is for Narhwals
It's a weird story. A story I've shared on this blog not to long ago. I even added an illustration. Let's just say narwhals were a big part of my high school days. You can find details right here.

O is for Overexcited
Overexcited is the adjective that suits me best, especially when it comes to movies and books. I can be seen bouncing around the house with excitement after seeing a trailer for a new Marvel movie. I can not shut up about a new favorite book and nothing can stop me from sharing all my fangirl love with all of the world once I've found something truly amazing.

P is for Plans
I plan things. Lots of things. Things that'll probably never happen. I already have plans for the summer of 2017, even though there's only a 1% chance of that plan working out. The thing is that I'm not sure what I should do with my life, so if one plan fails, I want to have a plan B to keep myself going, and a plan C just to be sure, and a plan D in case of disaster.

Q is for Questions
So I have plans for pretty much everything. At the same time, I question everything. I question my choice of clothes, my ability to learn a new language, I even question who I am about 90% of the time. Sometimes it drives me crazy, but the never ending stream of questions is just a part of me that I'll have to accept.

R is for Really
'Hello' is one of my favorite words to hear and say, but 'really' is the word I use really often. I don't use the word as often in Dutch, German or Spanish, but in English I use it all the time. After a while it gets really annoying, so I'm really paying attention when I'm writing to avoid that I use this word really often.

S is for Space Police Radio
If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me tweet with the hashtag #spacepoliceradio. Space Police Radio is the name of my group of close blogger friends and one dude who decided to stop blogging, but we've forgiven him because he made us this cool sort of group picture. Just kidding, but when it comes to squad goals I just laugh; I already have my perfect squad, they just live on the other side of the world.

T is for Travel
If you take a look at my vision board, you'll notice that this is what I live for: exploring the world. Hopefully I'll meet a lot of awesome bloggers along the way.

U is for Urdu
Since passing my final exam for Spanish, I've decided I need to focus on a new language: Urdu. I've already learnt a few words and sentences here and there, but now I've got time to take things serious and study. I'm meeting more and more awesome Pakistani bloggers like Kanra, so why not learn a bit about their language?

V is for Vacation
Vacation is my favorite time of the year. Such a cliche, things turn cliche because they're true, don't they? Vacation is that time of the year in which I'm not just able to travel, I finally get to put some real work into my blog. As soon as one vacation ends, I start counting down the days until the next.

W is for Writing
Would it surprise you if I told you that writing is what I love most? I write every single day. Blog posts, bad poetry, stories. One day I hope to be able to publish a novel, but I'm not ready for that. For now I'm just going to focus on blogging and finishing the vampire story I published on here a little over a year ago already. I should really get going on that.

X is for... Xylophone? Xenophobia? X-men?
I don't play the xylophone... I don't have xenophobia... I love Marvel, but I don't know much about X-men... I can't think of any other words starting with X. Let's pretend that this letter doesn't exist, okay?

Y is for You
I've never been my own biggest fan. I often think I'm not good enough. Which might be why I care so much about you. You, my friends, my followers, my blog buddies, mean the world to me because you think I'm cool. I feel honoured to be part of your life and hope you'll let me be part of it for a long time. Without you I would never be me.

Z is for 'Zei ik toch!'
'Zei ik toch', Dutch for 'I told you so'. I'm sorry, but I love using these words. For some reason people tend to ignore whatever I'm saying, but in the end I'm more often right than wrong. Yes, I'm that kind of person.

From A to Z, those were all the more or less interesting things about me! What would be part of your alphabet if you made one?

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Awesome post! I also didn't no April was a-z month. I might have to do a post on it now though :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thank you! Apparently it's something you know if you're in a certain part of the blogosphere, but that part is not our part I guess :P

  2. Oh wow this is a great idea. I might actually do it if i have time. Thanks for the idea :)

    1. Haha, don't thank me, thank Be. If she hadn't tweeted about it, I wouldn't have done this post either :)


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