Rome Trip Part II: the Social Highlights

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Posting about Rome wasn't very high on my list of priorities. Even now, it isn't, but I'm doing this as to keep myself from sending E. angry messages on Facebook (what happened in a nutshell: he hurt my feelings, I feel like he should apologize, he ignores me).
so finally, here it is: Part II of my amazing Rome trip!

I think we all understand that dropping 29 juniors in a monestary isn't the best thing to do. Oh, we enjoyed our stay, ofcourse we did. But the French who slept across the hall didn't... Curfew was set at 11 pm, so before 11 pm, the entire hallway was a mess of screaming and yelling and laughing juniors. The French didn't enjoy it. We didn't enjoy their presence either, since they refused to flush the toilets we had to share...
The good thing about our stay was that the guy who ran the monestary, Padre Matteo, was a Dutch guy who kinda liked us. Our teacher's birthday was on the 5th day of our stay and he helped us plan it and get everything ready in time. Though it almost failed because of the 'diversion'. S. would fake a tummy ache, but said she couldn't do it at the very last minute. Roos went screaming after our teacher that S. was having a tummy ache, and when he came to look, she smiled at him and said: 'I'm fine, Envy's the one with a problem.'
And in my head I was like: am I? Oh well, I'll just fake hyperventilation...
For the first time in almost two years hyperventilation came in handy. I felt like I saved the day :)
So we had a nutella cake and balloons everywhere. It was one of the more amazing things we did, because the entire class worked together as a team for once.

Outside of the monestary, things happened. Ofcourse things happened. Give juniors some free time in the Eternal City and you'll be sure that something odd will happen.
On our first free night, we went so Piazza Navona. And ofcourse, one of the first things we saw was a fight. I thought it was quite funny, until the cops came and started chasing the fighters around a fountain.
The fountain was supposed to be the highlight of Piazza Navona, and yes, it was pretty. Then there was a building by Boromini, and yes, it was beautiful. But when we started taking picures, we noticed that we cared more about the clouds than about the fountain and the building. M. kept saying: 'They're so pwetty!'

You've got to admit that it's a pretty picture, even though I'm in it :P From left to the right it's Maze, then me, S., M., and Roos. We spent a lot of time at Piazza Navona. If we had some spare time, we either went there, or to the Pantheon. We liked to mess with the street vendors (their favorite sentence was 'discolight, sexy sexy!, but when you used it against them, it wasn't so funny anymore :P).
Piazza Navona was one of our favorite places and we actually discussed about architecture there, in our own way, which meant that M. said: 'I feel a connection with Borromini. He's my bro. He's Bro-romini!'

The other place where we liked to hang out was the Pantheon. Instead of marveling at it, we marveled at the ice cream parlor just around the corner. We believed that the best ice cream in Rome was sold there. Almost every day we bought ice cream and sat on the stairs of the Pantheon to eat it, where we met come crazy people. There was this one man from Iraq who asked for directions and ended up talking with us about the beauty of Dutch women... We accidentaly send him the wrong way... It was a weird conversation, let's keep it at that.
Then there was this other time when a guy with a camera approached us and asked if he could interview us. As we're all underage, we weren't allowed to do it, but he said that we could say something for the camera. I proposed to say 'ciao from Holland', and so we did. We thought that'd be all and the guy would move on, but he kept recording and talking in Italian. We were all looking at the camera with WTF written all over our faces, when he asked us if we we're enjoying our trip. 'Yeah...?' we said reluctantly. And then he thanked us and strode off. I almost fell off the wall I was sitting on from laughter.

Me writing and M.reading
behind me
Not everything was fun. There was a day when I wanted to kill Roos and Maze. We had been walking through Rome without a clue of where we were going and I just needed some time for myself. So did M.
We got annoyed that we kept walking instead of just go to a park and eat food (one of our main activities), when we saw a huge crowd on the corner of the street. We went to take a look and... We accidentally found the Trevi Fountain! We spent the rest of the day there, just reading and writing :) Everyone got sunburnt, except for M.

I could go on and on for ages, but there are just three more things I want to share: the chicken foot, the Batman t-shirt and the 'ninger'.
Ningers, aka 'not really gingers'. That would be me... We had a discussion about my haircolor. M. and S. insist that I'm a redhead, though I'm clearly not. So they invented the ninger. I'm the only ninger known to mankind...
The Batman t-shirt. I've wanted a Batman t-shirt for ages, so when I saw one in Rome, I bought it. When we came back to the monastery, M. and I held a fotoshoot. I had a towel around my neck as a cape and ran up and down to room claiming to be Batman, while M. took pictures and played music fomr Holy Musical Batman. One of our teachers walked in on us. She wasn't surprised. She only laughed and said I needed black trousers, socks and a mask.
The chicken foot was the most disgusting thing that happened to M. and me during our stay. It was cold, so I went back to the monestary to get my sweater and M. came with me. We were walking back to the Pantheon (it was a three minute walk), when I heard a strange noise, like plastic hitting the sidewalk. I initially thought it was M.'s iPhone, which she'd been holding. So we looked down and saw a chicken foor. Someone had thrown a chicken foor at us!
What kinda idiot throws a chicken
foot at girls?!
'This didn't happen,' I said.
'This did so not happen.'
'Nothing happened, nothing at all!'
'I'm gonna tell the others anyway!'
'Me too!'
They didn't believe us, so we went back to show them. And then a car drove over the foot... It was disgusting, but we just had to take a picture.

Rome was awesome and I could flood my blog with stories, but pictures tell much more, don't they? So I'm just going to leave it at this and show some pics. Hope you enjoy them ;) (Warning: most chaotic photo-dump ever!)
M., S., me and Roos at the Pantheon
Me being an interpreter while that guy
reads Roos' hand
Me, M., S. and Maze at Pompei

Forever alone? No, I'll just marry a tree

No idea where this was taken, but it's
one of my favorites :)

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