My Five Favorite Superhero Movies

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I've always had a thing for superheroes. When I first started writing back in 2nd grade, I wrote superhero stories. But if you were to ask me what really sparked my interest in superheroes, without a doubt I'll say: superhero movies.

Over the past couple of years I've seen quite a few superhero movies, most of them in theatres (or on airplanes, don't ask me why). So with a pretty great year in superhero movies not too far behind us and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2  coming up I thought I'd talk about my five favorite superhero movies!
Note: I'm not saying these are the very best superhero movies ever made, these are just the ones I enjoyed most. Feel free to disagree with me. The movies are listed in no particular order.

Iron Man
This is the movie that started the obsession. This is the movie that threw me into the Marvel fandom. This is where it all started, both for me and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it now.
I've got to tell you that when my friend lent me her copy of the DVD I wasn't sure about this one at all. I'd always had a slight aversion to Iron Man because I thought he was a messed-up Transformer (I was young and ignorant, okay?). But then I watched it and my whole world changed. Robert Downey Junior simply is Iron Man, I think everyone will agree with me on that one. The way the movie subtly sets up the MCU, the way it made this (in the Netherlands) quite obscure superhero huge... I can only have respect for that. Iron Man, I bow down to your greatness!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
This was the first Marvel movie I saw in theatres. I still have the ticket stub - yes, I'm that kind of person. It's been three years, but I still remember my excitement as I entered the theatre and how I left it twice as excited as before. It was the first time I saw my love Steve Rogers on the big screen. For the first time I saw how the pieces of the MCU were all connected.
I was completely in love with the story. The Winter Soldier intrigued me. There just wasn't a single thing I didn't like, except maybe Cap's neighbor/love interest, because I was a weird seventeen-year-old and felt cheated on.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier was also the movie that taught me the one fundamental truth about Marvel movies: Anything that can go BOOM, will go BOOM.

The movie I saw in theatres all by myself, because my friends were being lame about it. There was a man in the seat next to me who was a little too keen on talking to me. Anyway, that's not important.
Deadpool, where do I start? I'd bought a Deadpool comic book before I went to see the movie, so I kind of knew what was coming. The movie though... it exceeded all my expectations! I like how dirty it was. The jokes were exactly my kind of humour. Also bonus points for the Indian cab driver even though I've forgotten his name. He was awesome.
The thing I liked best though was how self-aware this movie was. No one came away unscathed. I can't wait for the next Deadpool movie. Hopefully I won't have to go see that one by myself though.

Guardians of the Galaxy
A movie that features a talking raccoon and a plant that can only say 'I am Groot'. From the moment I saw the trailer I knew I was going to like it. The contrast between the Avengers and the Guardians was huge. I've heard people say that if the Avengers are like the Beatles, the Guardians of the Galaxy are The Rolling Stones: more raw, a bit less serious and completely awesome in their own way.
And that soundtrack, oh my god, that's just great.

The Dark Knight Rises
I only added this one to my top 5 back in December, because that was actually the first time I saw it. Yes, I know. I'm a worthless Batman fan. To be honest, I didn't expect to like it, since I managed to fall asleep during The Dark Knight. I watched this one with my ex-boyfriend though, so falling asleep wasn't exactly an option. We took like a thousand breaks and didn't have time to finish it, but I saw enough to decide I liked it more than most other superhero movies.
Bane's voice made me laugh. That doesn't sound positive, but to me it is, because I don't laugh out loud often during movies unless I really enjoy them. The difficult thing about this movie though is that I can't quite put my finger on what I liked so much about it. All I know is that I forgot all about the world around me, to the point where I was physically reacting to things happening on the screen. Reflexes, knee-jerk reactions and gasps, that kind of stuff. It's been ages since a movies captured my attention that well for such a long time and I loved every second of it.

Picking just five wasn't easy. Honorable mentions include Doctor Strange (which I haven't seen yet so I couldn't properly list it, but everyone keeps telling me how amazing it is), The Avengers: Age of Ultron (still not over the character development and general awesomeness), Hellboy (not entirely sure if it counts, but it's based on a comic and I liked it too much not to mention it) and Ant-Man (Luis still makes me laugh and any movie set in San Francisco is automatically awesome to me).

So at this moment, these are my five favorite superhero movies. Things can change quickly though. I mean, I haven't even seen the last 15 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises yet. Those 15 minutes can change everything. 2017 also has a lot in store. Twelve months from now this list may be completely different. Which superhero movies are in your top 5?

x Envy

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  1. It was fun to read through your list! I have a friend who is very into super heroes, so he's been getting me more into them even though I tend to be more the fantasy-pirate-sic-fi type. But I am really enjoying getting to know the genre and characters, and want to get more into both the movies and comics. Dr. Strange was the best thing ever-- I loved it so so much and have been listening to the soundtrack and nerding out about it since seeing it. Plus the whole thing is super M.C. Escher-esque, which makes an art nerd like myself super happy haha. So I'd have to say that's my favorite, although I haven't seen many so I'm not the most knowledgable. Neat post Envy!

    1. If you're more the fantasy-pirate-sci-fi type you should start out with Guardians of the Galaxy for sure! I need to listen to sound tracks now, the only one I've listened two was the one for Suicide Squad.

    2. ooh ok awesome-- I totally want to see that movie and read any comics associated. I've been spending unreasonable amounts of time at the comic book store lately haha- out of curiosity have you read any more obscure fantasy comics? I was looking into getting this one called Monstress that looked incredible. Was wondering if you'd read it and had any thoughts. ((and yes listen to all the soundtracks haha so good))

    3. Hurry hurry hurry with the Guardians because there's only a few weeks left until the new movie hits the theaters!
      I haven't read any more obscure stuff (except for Dutch things), so I can't tell you anything about it. I'm still discovering the superhero genre and everything the Dutch comic scene has to offer :)

  2. If I had to choose I'd pick Iron Man, Thor and The Dark Knight too! (only based on the movies). But then again I'd have to read the comics to understand better about the background!

    -Kathie K
    Half A World Away

    1. I think most people base their favorite picks on movies these days, hahaha. The comics are so much better than I'd ever expected. They also make going to the movies much more fun because of all the Easter eggs :)

  3. So excited for the next GotG though!
    Love Cap, just wish they'd do one for Black Widow though, that character is incredible!

    1. New GotG is almost here already! I honestly can't wait much longer!
      It's kind of odd that Black Widow doesn't have her own movie yet. A tv series would be cool too. Doesn't really matter how they do it, I just want to see her background story and adventures now


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