The Dating App Diaries: Download Completed

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I can't tell the exact moment when this craziness started. I think it all happened because of a weird (samenloop) of circumstances. One of those circumstances was my finally fully moving on from a high school crush. Another one was that I'd sat next to a nice-looking Middle Eastern guy on the bus. He actually smiled at me. Then there was also the discovery of dating app Happn by one of my friends. All that somehow led to me downloading a dating app. Does that make any sense to you? No? It doesn't make much sense to me either... Let me try again.

After almost twenty years I've grown tired of being single. The thought of going on Tinder freaks me out (because all my high school bullies are on there), but meeting people in real life doesn't seem to work for me. Mostly because I'm an internet creature these days, but internet creatures need love too.
The day after I'd decided I was going to grow old and die a lonely virgin, my friends showed up at college going crazy over Happn.
'You should download it! You need to do it!' they kept saying.
I snorted every time, because I'm charming like that. 'People like me don't use those apps. You won't find a guy for me on there,' I told them. 
'Oh, we will. We definitely will.'
Fifteen minutes of franctical scrolling later they hadn't found a single guy who could possibly like me.
'Told you so,' I said with a smile, even though I was slightly disappointed. I wouldn't admit it to anyone, but I really was.

The rest of the day was spent fighting with myself. Part of me was, in spite of my friends' failure to find me someone on the app, extremely curious. A much bigger part of me wanted to stay away from the humiliation and rejection that would await me on dating apps.
The small, curious part of me won. In the end it always win. I swear, curiosity won't kill the cat, it'll kill me. So that night I downloaded the app. I stared at the small blue icon vor half an hour before I finally found the courage to actually open Happn. What awaited me there was nothing like I'd expected.

So many guys. So many of them waaaaaay too old for me, so many obviously drunk or getting there on their profile pictures. What had I gotten myself into?
I scrolled for a while. For a long while. For ages, it seemed. Then, suddenly, I stopped and wanted to throw my phone away. My first dating app nightmare had come true: I'd found an elementary school bully on Happn.
That's more than enough for one day, I decided.

I stayed away from the small blue icon for a day or two, but it wasn't the end of the story. It was only the beginning... *cue dramatic music*

To Be Continued...

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10 Fellow Ramblers

  1. I can't wait to read more!! I really like this girl!! You leave me wanting to know more!!


    1. Thank you! There will be more soon, I've got plenty of stories already XD

  2. Oooh I am actually just in the making of a post like this! :D
    I can't wait t read the next part to see what you've discovered. :)

    1. Great minds think alike ;) I'm already looking forward to your post so I can compare our experiences. I do hope that yours are better than mine though!

  3. Plot twist:you end up dating the bully haha.I want moreeee!!

    1. Spoiler alert: I did not end up dating him. It would have been a great story though XD But in all honesty, I could only block him. I hated him so much.
      There'll be more next week :)

  4. Hey,
    that sounds like the typical friends they want something good for their friends. I hope your Dating app nightmare will end one day. I'm looking Forward to the following text with the Story.

    1. One of my friends says they only push me to find a boyfriend because they love me and want me to have someone who can love me for real. They mean well, but they're kind of getting me in trouble 😅
      There will be a couple more posts in this series, I promise

  5. I can agree with you on this, I haven't been in a serious relationship and I am 19, maybe I should try a dating app? After the story with Jay though I dont know about that!

    1. If you're not 100% comfortable with the idea of a dating app. don't do it. Who needs a serious relationship anyway? :P


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