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As a kid I was obsessed with Egyptian hieroglyphics. I wanted to learn to read them and could more or less write my name in them. Something about using tiny images instead of letters fascinated me. Little did I know that ten years later we'd be using loads of images this way. Let's face it: emojis are modern days hieroglyphics. Nine-year-old me would have loved them. Seventeen-year-old me just made a big mess with them. Now ninteen-year-old me is here, trying to save the day and her online conversations with these four, my favorite emojis!

When Noor from Noor's Place showed us the emojis that described her best, we saw cherry blossoms and balloons and hearts and nail polish. You won't see those here, because there's one big difference between Noor and me: she's fluent in Emoji and I'm more like that confused tourist who's desperately looking up words in a pocket dictionary... It took me ages to find out that the eggplant emoji isn't just an innocent eggplant in Emoji and since this discovery I have slight trust issues with the new language of our generation. Who says my friends won't misinterpret my emojis?
This here is exactly the reason why I stick to these four: the one with happy tears, the big smile with a bead of sweat, the winking one that sticks out its tongue - and a cactus. Let me explain.

Happy Tears
You know how everyone uses 'LOL'? I don't use it at all. LOL doesn't just mean 'laughing out loud', it's also the Dutch word for 'fun'. Very appropriate, but also slightly weird for me to use. Instead I use this emoji. All the time. It's by far my most used emoji.
I'm on of those people who show their emotions when they read, so chances are that I will be laughing out loud for real if I send you this one - or at the very least I'll be trying not to fall of my chair laughing in the middle of class. I don't just love sending it, I also like to receive it. It lets me know that I made someone think one fun and happy thought that day. In a way it lets me know I did something good for someone else. Did that sound weird? Probably, but I'm hopping on the positivity bandwagon, so let's just make it our goal to see as many of this emoji as possible!

Bead of sweat
Ever had an online conversation with me? In that case you'll know I use this one a lot. Not as much as the previous one, but still A LOT a lot. This one is my attempt at getting a way with dumb remarks. Dumb actions. Dumb everythings. I'm one of those people who yells 'hi' at someone on the other side of the subway station, then realizes it's not the person I thought they were. I'll tell you how I embarrassed myself in front of this total stranger and end my story with this emoji. If I didn't get one of your jokes, you'll see this emoji. If I have no idea what you're talking about, you'll see this emoji. And if I realize I've said something really stupid, you'll see this emoji. If I send you this one, you're allowed to facepalm at me. Go ahead, I know you want to.

I don't know what it is with my sense of humour, but very few people get it. On the other hand, loads of people laugh when I don't intend to be funny. Especially over text messages, things are bound to get awkward really fast. So whenever I'm joking around and think that the person on the other side of the internet doesn't get it, I send this. To me it's a pretty clear sign, but I don't think all of my friends got the memo. Maybe it's because some people use an other emoji to show that they're kidding, but I prefer this one. It's got that cheeky vibe going on. It fits my sense of humour because it's nice with a little bit of not-so-niceness going on. The combination of winking and sticking your tongue out is just too cool in my world.
Anyway, for those of you who don't know: if I send you this, I'm kidding!

Once upon a time, about two months ago, I had to take a personality test for college. It was about the role we take on in group projects. Each role had a cool name like 'Businessman' and 'Leader'. My result? 'Plant'. You read that right, I'm a plant. Some of my friends decided that if I was a plant, I should be a cactus. And so the cactus emoji became one of my favorites. I don't use it in conversations, but it's perfect for my Whatsapp status (which literally says 'I'm a cactus' these days) and it's also really cool for tweets. I think this one describes me better now than the other three combined.

Apart from these four I also love the monkey that covers it's eyes (as in "Oh god, what did I do now"), the elephant (who doesn't love elephants?) and the calender (because July 17th is my birthday). And I'll never stop looking for an excuse to use the flag of Antarctica in conversation! 

For those of you wondering: yes, I made gigantic emojis just for this post. There's something extremely satisfying in coloring a huge smiling face or a stereotypical cactus.

Which emojis are your favorite? Which one diescribes you best? Let me know in the comments.
Stay Awesome!

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12 Fellow Ramblers

  1. This post was great Envy! You're right, emojis are the modern day hieroglyphics..I do love hieroglyphics though.
    My favourite emojis would be those 'two leaves', the 'cat/tiger thingy' and 'the 'happy tears'. What is it though? A cat or a tiger or what? XD. It looks like a cat with tiger stripes, anyway it's awesome *inserts wink emoji*

    ~ Rukiya

    1. Thanks Rukiya! Hieroglyphics have that air of mystery about them, I just love that.
      I think that emoji you mentioned is a tiger. The cat's ears are pointier. Or it's just a different kind of cat. I wish we could use emojis in comments, haha.

  2. Awesome post! They are so modern hieroglyphics!

    1. Thank you Nabila! It might be weird to think about it that way, but there's truth in it, isn't it? :)

  3. Omg omg omg!!!
    I recently started using bead of sweat emoji. It used to look like a confusing mess to me, but the more I digged it, the funnier and expressive it looked. I am loving it. FOH REAL!
    There's something adorable about cacti emoji. I don't know how to explain this, but let's keep it a teenagers' thing and describe in the best way possible, it looks SO TUMBLRY. Really, it has all those cool vibes. Very similar to the cherry blossom flower ones.

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. I am so glad you liked the post!
      The bead of sweat emoji is awesome, isn't it? It's always been one of my favorites, partly because some see it as messy and I'm a messy person (even in conversations).
      I love how more and more people are falling for the cactus. I saw it at least five times on Twitter today :D

  4. This is a really nice post, I think I'll borrow the idea too xD
    You've sent me the 'laughing with tears' multiple times and when I saw the post I was like 'yes this emoji is so envy'.

    1. I think you have both Noor's and my blessing to make one of your own. I'm really curious to see which emojis you'll pick!
      And yeah I might use the laughing with tears one a bit too much, but I just really like it. I laugh about a lot of tiny things so it really fits me well :P

  5. I'm perhaps a little too madly in love with emojis :) xoxo


    1. Haha, I don't think there's anuthing like too much emoji love ;)

  6. Hahaha Envy, it's such a cute post. I'm usually teary eyed face or expressionless emoji (these are two most used in chats conversations) & THERE'S NOTHING IN BETWEEN!!!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. Thank you! It's a bit of the same with me: one of these four or nothing at all XD


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