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You've probably seen reviews of this book pop up in our part of the blogosphere lately. Bryleigh from A Little Yarn Blossom and I also got the chance to review this book, but we decided to shake things up a little and do a discussion style post instead of a review!
My commentary is written in blue, Bryleigh's is written in purple. Enjoy!

Let's see if I can tell you about the plot without using the fancy Goodreads description.
Kitty Hawk is a teenage pilot who studies humpback whales in Alaska. She stumbles across stolen gold amd gets caught up in an adventure that has roots that go all the way back to the Klondike Goldrush.
Sounds simple but promising, don't you think?

Oh yeah! Quite literally, I thought it was going to be just that simple. I was incredibly surprised!

Me too, though at some point I started wondering when the gold was going to play a role. Kitty spent a lot of time studying whales, which was also nice to read about, but it made me wonder how the gold was ever going to play a role in this story

Exactly! Unfortunately, I almost gave up on reading this because it seemed like it was only her studying whales. I kept reading, and finally the gold came in to the plot.
I really got into it, and it was hard to put it down!

I didn't have that problem at all. I kept on reading and reading from the moment I started the book, which surprised me because I was going through one of those times where I can't focus on a book. The writing grabbed my attention and the small history lessons and info on whales kept me interested 

Ah, I was the opposite! I had no idea why I had such a hard time reading this. I'm glad I kept pushing myself, it really is a great book! One thing I didn't like was the pictures. It made it seem really like a juvienile book, instead of YA.

Haha, I didn't even notice the pictures. I've heard other reviewers talk about it too, but I was so absorbed in the story that I didn't take time to look at them or to be bothered by them.

I think it's true that pictures can make a book seem juvenile, which causes a weird situation in this case: like you said, it's YA, and on top of that it's good YA without all the cliches we've all become sick and tired of by now.

Yes! I loved that it was totally different, and the girl did not end up with the boy, as it is in so many YA books, Kitty is pretty badass, knowing how to fly a plane and being so independent.

Kitty is the kind of character I'd like to see more often. I immediately felt connected with her, partly because she's exactly my age, but also because she has a dream and works hard to make that dream come true. She's clever and not afraid to go her own way; exactly the kind of person I'd like to have as a friend in real life. At one point she kind of randomly jumped to a conclusion just to keep the plot moving, but apart from that she was a great main character.

Absolutely! The supporting characters definetly enhanced her character development as well.

The supporting characters were just perfect for their purpose, if you know what I mean. Not very complicated, but great characters that become very important for Kitty. I would've liked to see even more of them, earlier on in the book for example.

Yes! I wonder if the characters ever show up again in the other books.
One thing that I thought was weird - she didn't have a detective agency. I think if you're going to have a series with the words "detective agency" in it, you should at least have the character start one at the end of the book.

True, I totally missed that part. I think it'll happen at the start of the second book, but it's a little weird.
So there are some things that could annoy you if you start overthinking stuff, which is never a good thing :P Truth is that I'm quite critical when it comes to books, but I honestly liked this book a lot in a time where I couldn't concentrate on anything for longer than a minute. I'd definitely recommend the book, especially to people who like YA without all the big cliches.

Definitely. I can be pretty harsh on YA, but this really is a great book. :)

So you see, if you're still looking for some kick ass YA to read this summer, this is the book to get. Stay Awesome!

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