Socks are Stupid

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Finally, finally, finally I can say it's summer. After months of looking at gray skies, the sun is now shining and the skies are blue. Even though I'm a winter person, I'm glad it's finally summer. I can wear my shorts again and won't have to hide my superhero shirts under sweaters anymore, but most important: no more socks!

Socks and I have hated each others since my mom first put some teeny tiny socks on my teeny tiny feet when I was a baby. I hate the feeling of socks: they're like prison for your feet.
As soon as temperatures rise above 20 degrees, I stop wearing socks and walk around the house and garden on my bare feet. If my feet wouldn't get so freaking cold in the winter, I would never wear socks again. Why? you might ask. Well, I've got plenty of reasons.

#1 Two go in, on comes out
Haven't we all lost socks to the sock-devouring device we call a wash machine? For some reason I always lose those socks that I actually tolerate. So there I am, left behind with two single socks that I more or less liked, but which I'll never wear again: if I did someone would notice and compare me to Dobby for the rest of my life.

#2 Soggy socks
Sometimes when I'm running, I don't pay any attention to where I'm going. Most of the time that isn't a problem until I find myself in one of the puddles of water left there by last night's rainstorm.
Suddenly there's water splashing up against my legs and, even worse, seeping into my shoes. But what happens there is the absolute worst case scenario when I'm running: my socks get soggy. They get wet and sold and stick to my feet. That's way worse than having cold feet, because now there's something preventing my feet from getting dry and warm. Damn you, socks!

#3 Too big, too small
I have small hands, a small head, everything about me is small - except for my feet, which are regular-sized. Still there's a problem when I have to buy new socks. My feet are a European size 38 and for some reason all socks are sold in two sizes: 35-38 and 38-42. Great. Which one am I supposed to buy? The smaller size is always too small, but when I buy the bigger ones it's the same as wearing a tent as a dress.
"One size fits all"
Yeah, right -_-"

#4 Twist and turn
I don't even know what to say about this. How can this happen every single time I wear socks?!

#5 Grass catchers
So my socks disappear, never fit and are the worst when they're soggy, but that's not all. When I go hiking with my parents when we're on vacation, they force me to wear socks that almost reach all the way up to my knee. No, I'm not going to complain about how warm my legs get. My point is that those socks seem to attract every twig, blade of grass and grass seed within a five mile radius. Those things don't just stick to my socks, they sting and itch and are a total pain in the leg for the entire hike!

Long story short: socks are the worst and should be banned. Who's with me? Freedom for our feet!

Stay Awesome!

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16 Fellow Ramblers

  1. My opinion on socks is SO COMPLETELY different from yours! I come from a warm country. There are basically just three weeks in the whole year when wearing socks is actually practical and comfortable. I love the feel of socks! I mean don't you love it when you can skate around the house pretending you're a ninja? That's my favorite reason, although it is kind of stupid. Which comes back to your main point - socks are stupid!
    I get your feels about soggy socks as well. Disgusting.
    But I'd still prefer wearing socks all the time if I could. If only it was cold enough here.


    1. I wish there were only three weeks here in which it's practical to wear socks :P Maybe we should switch places, it's almost always cold enough to wear socks in the Netherlands.
      I might have underestimated the value of ninja skating. I admit it, that is freaking awesome. That's not a stupid reason, that's a great reason!

  2. Freedom for our feet!! Socks are so overrated. My family gets so riled up when I don't wear socks around the house, it's actually hilarious. I totally get where you're coming from with point number one. I've lost so many socks that it's barely believable. I bet if i collected all the money I've invested purchasing socks over the years, I might actually be able to buy a mansion.

    1. Yes, freedom for our feet! My mom sometimes even forbids me to leave the house if I'm not wearing socks, it's ridiculous.
      A mansion? I think we'd be able to buy ourselves an entire island!

  3. I feel you! I've always been the EXACT SAME WAY. I dislike socks so much that I go out of my way not to wear tennis shoes. The thing, there is a thing called gym class where they are required...

    Is it just me, or do socks always slide off your feet?

    Sorry about my rant. -.-

    ~ Sanjana

    1. They're required in gym class? That's a cruel, cruel punishment...
      My socks usually stay on my feet until the moment comes to take my shoes off, then my socks are everywhere but not on my feet XD

  4. YAAAAS thank you so much for voicing this. I love having my feet free but that cannot happen at all. >.<

    xoxo Morning

    1. You're welcome! Why can't your feet be free? Just take your socks off, who needs those anyway? :P

  5. Hey there! Just started following you! :) love your blog!

  6. Haha, I like buying socks in nice colors and patterns. But I agree that barefoot is best.

    1. Barefoot for the win! Colorful socks are nice, I agree, but they're still socks and thus not my best friends :P

  7. I'd say barefoot is the best, but the next best thing for me? Sport shoes. With socks. Definitely.
    I don't like wearing socks just for the sake of it, but there are so many colours and patterns to choose from!
    (Although I only have two pairs of socks just yet. I envy Dobby.)

    Geekie Chic

    1. I wear sport shoes most of the time and I have to admit that those feel better when I'm wearing socks.
      You only have two pairs of socks? Do you mix them up, like Dobby?

  8. Socks....I agree #FreedomForMyFeet
    Everyday, I need to wear socks with my school shoes and the way they twist and turn.....I have to wear them at least three times until it gets a bit comfortable...ankle socks are okay though...

    1. That hashtag should be trending on Twitter.
      I only wear ankle socks, but even those keep twisting and turning in my shoes. I'm glad I don't have to wear them as part of a school uniform though.


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