Sometimes a Hug is All You Need

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When I can't dress up for Halloween because I'm 'too old', I need a hug.
When I miss my PB (that means personal best in this case and not peanut butter) on the track by a hundredth of a second, I need a hug.
When I fail my driving test, I need a hug.
When I think about my own mortality, I need a hug.
When I feel ugly, I need a hug.
And when I say goodbye to a friend, I need a hug too.

Let's face it: we all have those moments when we feel like crap. We all need a hug every now and then. In my case, those hugs never come my way.
I once asked a friend why she would hug our other friend when said friend is feeling blue, but not me when I'm sad. She looked at me with eyes full of suprise and said: 'I thought you hated it when people hugged you!'
I know why she said that, because I've never been the hugging type. I hug my Mom and Dad, but when it comes to friends I like some more space is apropriate. I think it's absolutely unnecessary to yell 'OMG I haven't seen you in ages!' when you see an old friend and then strangle them in your 'hug', while you've seen them last week and you actually don't like them that much. But when you're feeling down, a single hug could cheer you up.
Last week I failed my first test since I started college. I felt like the world was coming to an end. Then one of the girls in my class held my hand in hers and said everything was going to be okay. And because of that one tiny gesture that accompanied her words, I felt so much better. Imagine what a hug would have done.

The only way for a nerdy girl to get a hug?
Sometimes a hug can change our entire perspective. Suddenly we don't feel lonely or hopeless anymore. Suddenly there's someone supporting us, someone caring about us, telling us it'll all be fine, even if we don't see the silver linings yet. One hug can change it all. But one hug is something most people don't often give to others. What do we have to do to get a hug when we need it most? Do we have to ask? Do we have to walk around holding a sign? Should we be the ones to start the hug, even if that means people think we've gone totally bonkers? Do we have to wait and hope someone will notice that we need a hug?

Once upon a time, I would have hidden my need for a hug. But why should I? I'm only human. True, I don't have to hug you every singe time I see you, but when you need a hug I'll be there for you with my arms open. The only thing I want in return? That one hug I need when I'm the one who's sad.

We live in the days of 'sharing is caring'. We live in the days of Facebook likes instead of actual support. We live in the days of world wide RIP tweets when a celebrity dies. But those 1's and 0's of the internet aren't real, not solid.
Tear your gaze away from the screen and take a good look at your friends. Are they really as happy as their tweets, statuses and emoticons make us believe? Or are they hiding their need for a hug?
Take a minute to consider. Take a minute talk. And when they need it most, give them a hug. Even when they're not the cuddly type, even if you've never seen them hug someone. Believe me, a hug will help them just as much as you.
Don't hesitate, just hug.

Stay Awesome!

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8 Fellow Ramblers

  1. I wish I could give you a big hug right now... I'll send you a virtual one:)
    Stay strong girl xx You are amazing:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Thanks for the virtual hug :) Just as good as a normal one :)

  2. Okay, so

    a. that is super awesome "word art". did you draw that yourself? cuz it's awesome.♥

    b. who says you're too old to wear a costume? if I were you, I'd throw on a Princess Peach costume (or...whoever you'd actually LIKE to dress up as) and look people straight in the eye, DARING them to say something about it. :P

    c. I also am not a hugger, but would like a hug when i'm feeling down. guess i'm weird that way... :)

    d. this is a cute post and also really encouraging for me because sometimes i feel crappy and it's nice to know that i'm not alone. ♡

    e. i hope you feel better *sends virtual hug* :)

    1. What a nice orderly way to comment! I'm going to answer you the same way, so

      a. Thank you! I did draw it myself. I do that more often (mostly during boring classes), so I can whip things like that up in a minute

      b. Well, Halloween is only celebrated by little kids at the moment here in the Netherlands. The oldest are like six, so when I dress up and go trick or treating, their parents will yell at me...

      c. Maybe we're both weird that way, but that doesn't mean we don't deserve a hug when we're feeling down :)

      d. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. And remeber: You're never alone ;)

      e. I do feel a lot better :) *sends virtual hug to you too*

  3. Yes omg hugs are awesome. I'm not a huggy person, but I spontaneously hug people randomly. Like
    -first day of exams, lets hug
    -last day of exams, lets hug
    -result day, let's hug
    -birthday, let's hug
    So it's kind of like the special occasion xD that happens maybe 0.2 times a month xD (that makes six hugs a year per person, not bad I'd say) but when I hug it's like "screw you, Ima hug whoever I want whenever I want, idc if you don't want the hug, I'm giving it and you'd better take it" so I should start looking at whether people actually need it or not xD

    1. When I try to spontaneously hug people, they all go like: 'Envy, should we bring you to the hospital? You sure you haven't lost your mind?' XD
      Six hugs a yar per person? I think that's a good amount. I think my average per person a year is... 2...

  4. My mom is the only person I hug sometimes lol :P
    Last time I hugged a friend it was birthday occasion and it was like months ago XD
    But yes sometimes a hug does make everything seem better :)
    You can hug your pillow when you're feeling down that helps (personal experience embarrassing I know)

    1. I hug my parents... and that's about it. My best friend has this 'no hugs policy', but the people in my class hug really often and I'm getting used to it. :)
      I don't hug pillows, 'cause I have this teddy bear that I've had since birth and its arms fit around my waste perfectly, so when I feel super sad and I'm home alone, I hug the teddy bear :P


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