Low Battery Challenge: Week 1

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Last Wednesday I started my Low Battery Challenge with a fully charged phone, to see if I could make it to the weekend for starters. At the end of Day 1 my phone was at 86%
I thought I'd done pretty well in that department. As for the other electronics in the house...

Day 1 immediately started with a financial calamity about declaration forms for Ik ben Geweldig. Because of this, I had to check my e-mail multiple times a day - but I kept it all well within twenty minutes. Mostly because the urgent e-mails I sent weren't answered...
I was seriously bummed. All of a sudden all things online went wrong and I had to fix them. Racing against the clock, I somehow saved my day, kept my phone at 14% battery use per day, watched just one Futurama episode and finished all my online work, both school and blogging, within two hours.
I was getting the hang of not using electronics all the time, when Day 5 came up. Sunday. The battle against boredom had begun...

The average person spends over 5 hours a day staring at a computer screen and 3 hours watching tv. When you take those two 'activities' away, there's a huge gap in your daily schedule. At first I thought I could fill that gap with homework, but without the costant distraction of Facebook I finished all of it in record time. I thought there was nothing left to do. 
I was wrong. These days our entire world revolves around technology, but if you take it out of the equation there's literally a whole world left to explore. Get that technology-addicted bum off the couch and start doing stuff!
Not sure where to start? Here are some technology free things I tried.

#1: Go outside
Sure, the whole world can be discovered on Streetview. But does Streetview have the smells and sounds of the real world? Does it have does little magical moments that occur when you go outside your geographical comfort zone? No, of course not! Get moving, real life is amazing!
I started to cure my technology addiction by taking a walk through my hometown and a walk through Rotterdam. It's amazing what you see when your eyes aren't glued to a screen, when your ears aren't filled with music, when your feet aren't running past everything. Take your time to watch the leaves fall, listen to the sounds of overexcited songbirds and enjoy the world around you!

#2: Take your time
Nowadays we're always in a hurry. And what for? So we can go on Youtube and be the first to discover a new cat video? Thank you, but no thank you.
After walking around town, I felt like hurrying wasn't the way to go about things anymore. If you take your time for things, you enjoy them a lot more. Instead of high spead reading of YA drivel and posting reviews on Goodreads, I took my time to read some chicklit. Simple, uncomplicated chicklit. And when I finished it, I took some time to think about what I'd just read.

#3: Do something with your hands
No, don't run to your computer and start typing! I mean something else!
Our motorial skills are going downhill rapidly, because we have machines to do almost everything for us. Nice and easy. And a total bore.
Try to master a new skill. It will take time, but that's kind of the point here. I'm currently busy with embroidery, which I suck at, but it keeps me away from the electronics in this house. It's a difficult and time-consuming skill to master, but time is the only thing I don't lack at the moment.
If working with your hands like that isn't your thing, try writing of drawing with an actual pencil on actual paper. Feel the creativity flow onto the paper. Feels good, doesn't it?

#4: Finish what you started
It's true and you know it!
We all have that one story, poem, drawing, blog post, movie series, book series, whatever floats you boat, that we started ages ago. And we still haven't finished it. We want to, we have the time to finish it, we just don't do it. Because the moment we want to get started, there's the internet to distract us. Before you know it another day has gone by and you haven't done anything. Now is the time to do it!
I picked up a story I started working on in February. Since I started my Low Battery Challenge, I've written three chapters. Three more and I'll be finished. Without electronics, I'm finally getting things done :)

#5: Remember that list you made?
Bucket lists make my sad. They're written and often instantly forgotten. That's why I called mine a 'Make it Happen' List. I've got enough time on my hands to get some things done. I can bake cookies for my grandparents, train some more for my 5k races and visit a tourist hot spot in my own country.
Remember, you wrote that list because you wanted to do those things! Get them done, the internet can wait while you achieve awesomeness!

So I sound like I got through my first week pretty well, right? Yes, I did stuff I usually wouldn't have done. And yes, I don't turn on the radio anymore to listen to the same songs every two hours. I'm getting rid of some bad electricity-related habits and that feels good.
But even though I make myself sound all awesome and tree-lovin', I've got to admit that I sinned against my own rules Saturday evening. For the first time in 10 years I won a trophy at my athletics club and became the club's champion in the 5k race for women. I celebrated online. Please don't be mad at me.

This coming week I'll try even harder to use as little electricity and as few electronics as possible for a college freshmen. Over the past week I've been developing weird ways of saving electricity.
I'll keep you posted.

Stay awesome!

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  1. Congrats on becoming your club's champion!! *-* And this series is super awesome- it's making ME excited for university to start so I can try this challenge as well xD Are you going to post your story on this blog? Cause I think I'd love to read it ^^

    1. Once again: thank you so much for you kind comment! I'm sure you're gonna love university!
      I'm not going to post that story on my blog, it's really long and not the best I've written, but I'll be starting a story on this blog in January 2015. It'll be about 7 chapters long and hopefully a lot better than the one I'm finishing right now XD


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