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Sometimes you stumble upon an opportunity you just can't ignore. And it might not be exactly what you wanted, but at that moment it's the closest you'll get. So when I got the chance to go sandboarding, the closest I've ever come to actual snowboarding, I grabbed it with both hands and refused to let go.

From Envy's Make it Happen List
#10: Go snowboarding
Status: Awesomeness Almost Achieved

In the middle of the Peruvian desert lies the Huacachina oasis. The place itself is one big tourist trap but the sand dunes all around it are almost completely deserted.
As soon as we arrived there and dumped our luggage in our hotel room, my Dad and I grabbed some sandboards and wax and went to the 'newbie slope'. Our tourguide had advised us no to stand up on the board. At first we followed his advise but to be honest, it became boring pretty quik.
My Dad was the first to try to stand up. It didn't seem like a great idea to me. He hugged a tree just to keep himself from falling. When he did let go of that poor tree, he slid for about 1.5 meters and fell down. Tried again, fell down. Some Peruvian girls, who were watching us, couldn't stop laughing.
I wanted to know what it was like to stand on the board, to slide down a sand dune. Deep down inside I couldn't help thinking that I was going to fall and break a leg. I tried not to think about it too much as I fastened the straps around my ankles. Then I realized I had no way to get up. No tree to hug, no Dad to pull me up. Just those Peruvian tourists. I waved and waved at them until the were convinced that I either needed help or was just a complete retard. Anyway, one of the girls helped me up. She had a grin on her face, expected me to fall down just like my Dad. But as she led go of my hand and I started to slide down the dune, I noticed that keeping my balance wasn't as difficult as I'd expected. I only fell when the slope unexpectedly flattened out. On my second run I even started to make some curves!

Of course I fell a few time, but considering I've never stood on a snowboard or skis in my entire life, I think I did extremely well. This only made me more determined to go snowboarding soon.
Oh, and just for laughs: here are the pictures of my falls ;)

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    I never thought sand-skiing/sand-boarding existed *__*

    1. It is so freaking AWESOME :D
      Very few people know this exists, but that's because there are only, like, five places in the entire world where you can do this.


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