The Rules of Fandoms

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Ever since fandoms became a thing in the Netherlands, I’ve been trying to grasp the rules of these over-the-top groups of fans. Because there are certain rules, unwritten laws, that you have to stick to. If you don’t, you’re just a regular pathetic nerd.
Since quitting the fandom nonsense, I’ve observed that small fangirl population at my high school. It made me realize that the rules are… complicated. Unfair is also a great word to describe them. Based on my observations and experiences, I can now introduce you to the Four Fandom Rules.

#1: Be picky
First of all you have to choose the right fandom. Yes, you can choose a wrong fandom, in which case you’ll get the label of pathetic nerd again.
Accepted fandoms in the Netherlands are: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter and the Fault in our Stars.
NOT accepted are: Batman, anything and everything from Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, everything else with the word ‘star’ in its name, the Hunger Games, Under the Dome, Game of Thrones and so on…
(Sorry for the bad quality, scanner broke down...)
Fangirling over an unaccepted fandom will result in frowns, scowls and even insults. The general rule for Dutch fandoms is that there has to be a gigantic American fanbase and the fandom must be discovered by surfing the web, not by watching or reading the original material. You can not, never, ever fangirl over something unknown like a Stephen King book such as Cell.

#2: Don’t forget to fangirl
Fangirling is very important. No idea how you’re supposed to do it if you’re a dude, but if you don’t fangirl, you’re not part of the fandom and the pathetic nerd label awaits you once again.
Fangirling includes a lot of inarticulate screaming (‘Ohmahgahd sofrikkinasum!’), jumping up and down with excitement (faked excitement for the more experienced fangirls out there, ‘cause being excited all the time is a strain on those fixated brains) and forcing everyone within a two mile radius to like your fandom, even though they actually hate it because of your own moronic behaviour.
WARNING: you can not fangirl over an unaccepted fandom. Trying to convert innocent bystanders to your fandom with prove of its awesomeness or actual arguments is also a no-go.

#3: Don’t give a thing about the original material
Also very important (at least in the Netherlands): you don’t care about the storyline, the characters or the original books/comics when you fangirl over a movie or tv-series. You fangirl over the actors.
Quick example: according to the Fandom Philosophy, I should have gone to the new Captain America movie because of Chris Evans’ abs. Not because of the plot, not because I wanted to know who the Winter Soldier is, not because I’m into the Marvel universe, hell no. Fandom Philosophy dictates that I should have gone just because Chris Evans looks good with his shirt off. Okay, I admit it, I even said on this blog that I would’ve liked to see him shirtless in the movie, but that wasn’t the most important thing to me. I like the concept of Captain America, the idea behind this dude. And with that being said, I’m not welcome in the Dutch Department of the Marvel Fandom anymore.

#4: Tell, don’t show
For some reason it’s the worst thing you can do: wearing a shirt or necklace that shows to which fandom you belong. A small accesoire from an accepted fandom, like a keychain, is okay. More or less. It won’t be widely appreciated, but your life won’t get any worse.
Batman sweaters, Mockinjay necklaces and Captain America shirts are about the worst things you can wear. It’s better to fangirl all day long with a Harry Potter keychain on your backpack that you’ve carefully hidden under the table, than wearing a Batman sweater in public without fangirling at day.

The fangirl community is a weird place in the Netherlands. It’s almost impossible not to offend anyone with a set of rules like these. I’ve never been good at following social rules, though I always tried. But I draw a line here. If the Fandom Philosophy doesn’t allow me to like Captain America, I’m out.
I’ll make up my own rules.

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5 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Fandoms are supposed to be fun D: and you're supposed to be proud of being in as many fandoms as possible while actually knowing what your fandom is about lol

  2. Oh btw your drawing is absolutely amazing and cute

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Fandoms were fun at some time. But then some people went over the top and now you almost risk your life by saying you prefer one over the other :/

  3. That's rather dull of people over there..D:
    No Batman D: D:
    I'm not sure I'd survive there D: D:
    I was't a big Captain America fan before the Winter comics etc he is like okay but probably not my favourite but Winter Soldier WOW how good is that movie I liked it more than I did Avengers (Seriosuly)
    As a follower I demand of you to make more such posts because I wasn't blogging back then :P :P (pleeeeeease??pretty pleeease??) :D
    And love your sketches :D :D

    1. The people I hung out with in senior year were rahter dull... All the cool people had graduated the year before. They loved Batman.
      If you were here, you'd definitely survive: you'll have me to be crazy about Batman with ;)
      I didn't like Captain America in the Avengers, but when I saw the first Captain America movie I was a goner. Probably because I like secret nazi conspiracies and excessive nazi killing :P Winter Soldier was amazing. I watched it one the plane to Peru and fell in love with Captain America all over again. I'm so glad there's going to be at least one more Captain America movie and waaay more Marvel :D
      I loved doing these posts and I'd love to do something similar again, especially since I've got so much more followers now, but I just don't know what to write about... But I promise there'll be more sketches soon ;)


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